Terms & Services


We provide IPTV subscription services. There can be only one device connected at a time; several devices cannot be connected at the same time! Your subscription could be canceled if you try to use more than one device at once.

Any IPTV system in the globe is prone to freezing and non-functional content, therefore you might experience these problems. Channels and VOD included in any bundle may be updated, modified, or withdrawn at any moment and without prior notice. We offer our IPTV Reseller support for any panel issues. 

IPTV Subscription credentials are typically delivered to the client’s registered email instantly after receiving a clean payment! The client is in charge of becoming familiar with IPTV and all that it entails.


You don’t need to inform us if you wish to stop receiving your subscription or put it on pause. Your service will end when your current subscription ends if you opt to put your membership on hold. You are not required to pay anything in order to pause or cancel your subscription.


Any TV subscription codes you acquire from our website will be active for the predetermined amount of time, according to WSS Premium. Please get in touch with us if there is a problem with the servers or if the content isn’t working; we will try our best to fix it. The client must buy their own IPTV box because WSS Premium does not sell any.

Within seven days of your purchase, get in touch with us if you decide to change your mind and want to add more time or connections to your subscription. We would be happy to help.

We Make Television affordable and accessible to everyone, everywhere!