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What is a Reseller Panel?

With IPTV Reseller Panel, You will be able to have control to your all IPTV clients like
– Create M3u & Mag accounts
– Disable/Enabling a user
– Kick a user
– Change password
– Find IP address and Monitor
– Get all file types for clients
– and much more !
Support for all major devices including Android, Receivers, PC, M3U, Giga Blue, Enigma 2 Autoscript, Dreambox, Simple List, Starsat/Starlive,Azclass, Octagon, Mediastar, Geant, Tiger, WebTV List, Ariva, Spark, Revolution 60/60….and so on!

We Cover Almost all the Channels around the World.

Why should you choose us as Reseller Provider?

Full Control

You will have Full Control of your clients and you will have stats and graph to help you to give him better customer support.

Live Sports & Events

A variety of live events are being organized around the world. We try to broadcast all those live events. Some of the notable live events are live events, sports, PPVs, or TV shows.

Automatically Updates

You will get Automatically Updates from us without you doing anything, you can focus on your clients and the rest we take care 🙂

No Experience Required

Don't Worry! No Experience needed for this. Be our Reseller and we are here to help you without any hesitation.

Access to you own IPTV Panel

Create accounts for your clients at your own time and have full control over them.

Quality than Quantity

We prefer quality over quantity. It is important to us that you can enjoy your favorite TV Channels, movie are series without any problem.

Supports All Devices:

Reseller IPTV | Frequently Asked Questions

To be our reseller, you need to buy credits (1 Credit = 1 Month). The Panel will be free for you with the purchase of credits.

The price of Reseller IPTV subscriptions are less than normal account, like normally 1 month is 15USD, but in reseller account is 4USD. You can completely manage your clients from your panel. There is no limit of account/credit usage. You can use it when you need. It will allow you to create free trial accounts for your clients.

No you don’t need to do anything, everything is handled by us and all the updates will be done automatically in your panel so your clients gets the latest Movies and TV shows daily.

It’s very easy to create accounts/lines from your reseller panel. Simply create line > select package > create line > manage lines > download icon > m3u > mpegts.
For MAG/STB apps, go to add mag device > add mac address > select package > create mag. Send Portal address to client. That’s all. If you need help, you can contact us anytime.

  • 35 Credits = 210$
  • 70 Credits = 350$
  • 140 Credits = 560$

No you have to add your own Profit above this, It is completely upto you how much you want to add more on to it

Yes you can use your own host/domain name, We will add that to your links and will send you our server IP, that you need to add to your host/domain’s IPV4 address. You can contact us for more help anytime.

We support MAG, Android, iOS, XBMC/KODI, Enigma, IP Box, PC and Smart TV

We will provide you with our Telegram & Skype id after you make the payment, so we can be in touch with you with all Latest updates

Simply Order the Credits and your Account/Panel will be created.