Refund Policy

We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase from WSSPremium. Any technical or sales questions, please feel free to contact us. However, if you feel that the service you purchased does not meet your needs, and you have attempted to resolve the issue with our support staff, we are willing to remedy the situation. While we’d love to know what went wrong or how we could improve, please follow the steps below to receive a full refund within 7 days of purchase. If seven days have passed and you still have problems, you can always contact us via chat help on our website, a ticket in your account, email or a ticket in our help desk.

Once you requested a refund you can’t subscribe again to our service at any time in the future.

How to Request a Refund?

1. Go to Your billing invoice, get the Invoice Number

2. Open Support ticket from your Client Area

3. Don’t Forget, the refund can be done within 7days only!!

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